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We manage all key areas of the supply chain with dedicated teams allocated to your account to proactively offer support and guidance. From product development through to delivery, our team have the experience and knowledge to deliver the right product, on time at the right price.


SDM Product development teams in both Europe and Asia understand how to convert fashion trends into commercially desirable product. Markets shift rapidly, but our extensive sourcing network and innovative team ensure we have the right mix of directional pieces and fashion essentials. We can proactively tell you what you need to have in your range to enhance your current offer.


Our team of over 70 merchandisers in Bangladesh and the U.K. manage the life-cycle of each garment, directing our supply base to accurately deliver product on time and to the required standard. A wealth of experience in production ensures that critical paths are closely monitored, maintained and solutions to any challenges are quickly identified and resolved. Each account has a team dedicated to it with a representative always available to provide real time updates or options on future developments. Our team are passionate about product, let them care for yours.


Our quality control team of 50 members, perform quality assurance from cutting, through stitching all the way to final packing. ŸOur Technical team are on-hand to monitor fits, workmanship, specs to ensure only the highest quality goods are produced. With strict QC checks and our own in house laboratory, in addition to our factories own QC procedures, quality control is our top priority. Transparency of procedure is one of our core principles and we welcome the opportunity to review and develop our QC procedures to suit the needs of any of our customers.


We strongly believe our members and everyone associated with us deserve the best possible environment in which to conduct their work. Our team are embedded in our own factories and those we work with to ensure standards are well above the minimum and our own stringent levels of compliance are met. Through the management structure of our compliance team we specifically appoint safety guardians for social and labor welfare, ethics, building, structural and environmental wellbeing. Our people are key to our success and their wellbeing is always at the forefront of our thinking.


Our in house shipping and logistics team allows to efficiently process and manage the delivery and logistical needs of our clients orders. A specialist member of our team is on hand to process payments, arrange and update shipping documentation, negotiate with freight forwarders on your behalf and deliver on any special arrangements that are required with a SDM representative on hand to update you in real time.